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As a result of GDPR and a recent upgrade to the BCAilearn site, we'd like to ensure all users have the opportunity review the latest site policy.  Please read the policy in full and accept before proceeding to the site. If you have recently read and agreed to the site policy, kindly acknowledge your acceptance of the terms again to complete our records.

Full policy

1. Technology Philosophy

a) At Black Country Atelier (BCA) engaging and relevant technology and learning resources is used to aid teachers and students in their work and learning.

b) is a virtual learning environment (VLE) owned and managed by BCA to support its courses and programs.

c) The use of a subject to the user agreement, set out below.


2. BCAilearn User Agreement

a) This agreement is between BCA and users of BCA’s online learning environment (“the Site”).

b) The Site includes the online learning platform and any technologies or resources hosted on the Site. The Site also includes any downloaded, printed, or other materials originally derived from the BCAilearn website.

c) All technology and learning resources provided by BCA on the Site is for academic, non-commercial, use only (unless agreed otherwise).


3. Teacher Access Agreement

In addition to points 1 and 2 - If you are a teacher:

a) You must have a valid license to access the Site and any of its resources. The length and period of your license will vary – please check with your local administrator.

b) A valid license enables your school or centre to enroll a set number of teachers and students onto subscribed courses on the Site.

c) While you have a valid license, teachers may view, download, print learning materials from the Site. The material may only be used with students with valid licenses.

d) You may incorporate learning materials from the Site into your own teaching resources while your license is active. You must acknowledge and credit Black Country Atelier Ltd materials where Site material have been used in this way.

e) BCA invests in producing engaging and pedagogically sound learning content. To help us make this venture sustainable, we appreciate and rely on the support of our customers. Do not give, lend, sell or transfer any learning materials from the Site to others without prior permission of BCA.

f) Make students aware of their responsibilities of using the Site, outlined in section 4.

g) Please note that once your license has ended, you will no longer have access to the Site, including any materials previously downloaded. See 6.


4. Student Access Agreement

In addition to points 1 and 2 - If you are a student:

a) You must have a valid license and user login to access The length and period of your license will vary - please check with your teacher or instructor.

b) If you have been given an individual BCAilearn username and password – you must keep this safe. Your username and password is your own responsibility, do not share with others.

c) You must take reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use your account.

d) If you have been given a login to access the Site, you may view content from courses you are enrolled in. You may download material for your own personal study. You may not share any material from the Site with others without prior permission from your teachers or BCA.

e) To help you and other students share information about your studies, messaging services, blogs and forums may be made available to you on the Site at the discretion of BCA. If these are available to you, you must use these messaging services for study purposes only. You must not use messaging, blogs or forums on the site to discuss non-courses related issues, spam other users, or send inappropriate messages to other users of the Site.

f) Any abuse of your rights to access or use the Site may result in removal of your login credentials, and in the most extreme cases disciplinary action may be discussed with your school or centre.


For all users:

5. Copyright and Plagiarism

a) All copyrights Black Country Atelier Ltd (BCA) unless otherwise stated.

b) Users of the website shall not make unauthorized copies of material found on the website, other than to complete academic activities during the period of the active license.

c) Users will not give, lend or sell copies of any materials available on the website to others without prior permission of BCA.

d) Students will not plagiarise words or information. Plagiarism is the taking of ideas, words, phrases, or writings of another and presenting them as if they were a student’s original work.


6. At the End of Your License Period

a) At the end of your license, an existing license must be renewed or a new license purchased in order to continue access to the Site.

b) If you do not renew or purchase a separate license you must not continue to use any materials, resources or technologies from the Site – including any materials you may have previously downloaded, copied, printed, or shared.

c) Please take all reasonable steps to delete any materials you may have previously downloaded, printed, or otherwise copied from the Site at the end of your license period.

d) You may export your own grade data from the Site before the end of your license, or your students’ grade data for administrative purposes.

e) All data on the Site may be kept on record to analyse course engagement and better adapt learning resources in the future. You can request for your data to be anonymised, please send an email to


7. Your data

a) We will keep your information within BCA except where disclosure is required or permitted by law (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies). Where other parties are involved in the goods or service we provide to you including, for example, awarding bodies accrediting qualifications, and those other parties require access to your data, we will notify you first of any such request first.

b) Generally, we will use your information within BCA and will only share it outside BCA where you have requested it via a data portability request, or given your consent. BCA requires all third parties to comply strictly with its instructions and BCA requires that they do not use your personal information for their own business purposes and only use your information for reasons associated with the goods or services we provide for you.

c) We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as is necessary for the purpose of the supply or goods of services and for any legal or regulatory requirements. After which time we will anonymise your data, removing any information which may identify you.

d) We will NEVER sell your information or data from the Site to third parties.

8. Consequences

a) Any violation of this Agreement may result in loss of access to the Site and should be reported immediately to BCA, or for students, reported to your teacher.

b) Where any of the above terms are breached, BCA reserve the right to take appropriate steps to enforce the terms.


By accessing the Site you are agreeing to the terms set out in this document.